Why Join a Coaching for CS?

Let me ask you one Question.Do you think Spain would have won the soccer world cup without coaching?


In fact they had multiple coaches-head coach,offensive coach,defensive coach,goalkeeping coach,physical conditioning coach,etc.

-Coaching has in fact moved into all spheres of life and USMLE CS is no exception.There are many good and famous coaching institutions,and I don't deny that,but if I told you that instead of charging you $2999.00 for  a 5 day course that does nothing but overload your senses and lightens your bank balance,I will give you a course that will charge you only a fraction of that fee and still ensure that you pass.....I bet you would be interested.

-A coach can truly help you discover what CS exam is all about,I will help you know the minutest of the details of this exam in the shortest possible time.

-I will help you formulate the necessary steps+take action to ensure you pass.

-I realised the value and importance of coaching when I was coached by a very good IMG,who had double 99 score and had still failed his CS once.Now I do the same and try to coach anyone who needs it.

-As a coach,I will help you identify and keep the strong points of your case presentation/handling/format and also i will work with you in improving anything that does not quite fir the bill.

-My course is designed to achieve only 1 goal and that is to ensure you pass in 1 attempt and thus increase you chances to match in NRMP.

-I will also help you get a fine balance between all 3 components of CS Exam,that is ICE,CIS,SEP.

-Most students have a hard time doing what needs to be done not because they are lazy or dumb....simply because they don't know that exactly.....they only have a fuzzy idea from the internet or some book written long time back.I bridge that gap for all my students.

-MOST OF THE OTHER COACHING COURSES FOR CS ARE SP-BASED,THEY RELY HEAVILY ON SP TO TEACH YOU.I DON'T FEEL AN SP WHO IS NOT A PHYSICIAN CAN TEACH YOU LIKE I DO,The coaching in my course is not provided by an SP(who is not a physician).I am the one who plays the SP for you in all cases and it is me who gives the feedback.And I think the difference is quite logical and apparent.I get lot of students who have failed after doing other courses.And this is the one thing that such students tell me is different in addition to the fact that my course is much more personalised.