Please note: Some Names are omitted  to protect the privacy our students,(unless the students give us the permission to display their names)

1.To Whom It May Concern, 
I am writing on behalf of my wife and me in expressing our deepest gratitude for the services that Dr Puma has delivered my wife who graduated in 1993 from Mainland China. We have been in US for last 7 years.My wife, was performing poorly in USMLE STEP 2 CS(SEP,CIS) and both my wife and I were getting deeply frustrated. We knew that she was capable of meeting the 2CS standards but did not know how to approach her 2nd attempt at CS.Luckily we soon recognized that she would benefit from a tutor.We looked on google and I found Dr Puma’s website. We had an opportunity to speak with him via skype and explained what our needs were and he was extremely accommodating.Dr Puma was able to use his excellent skills in teaching while also being cognitive of the difficulties of keeping the 15 session very high yield and absorbing.Me and my wife attribute much of this success to the work that Dr Puma did and we recommend Dr Puma’s Tutoring without any reservations.

                                                                                                                            -Dr P.W

2."I wish I had tutoring all along... 
I didn't know Step 2 CS could be so easy and so much fun on the exam day."


3. Dr Puma is the best!  On very short notice, Dr Puma was able to schedule a mock test to evaluate me for Cs.  He came into my life  and immediately started looking for my  strengths and weaknesses both. He increased my confidence by telling me to retain what I already knew and combined it with the new stuff/strategies .And it worked.  I  passed the finally in my 3rd attempt. Thank you Dr Puma

                                                                                                   IMG from Puerta Rico

4. "Despite step 1 and 2ck score of 94...96...I failed step 2 CS due to ignorance. Your tutoring has given me boost I needed to keep my hopes of matching.Thanks man.….

                                                                                                            .IMG from Jordan

5. "I have had my first 7 session with Dr Puma till today(3-14-2010), and I just wanted to tell you that it has already made such a difference in my understanding of all things about CS. I've only had one other tutor in my life(in High School) but I remember many of his answers being "I don't really know about this" and that he would read my textbook right before each session and that was about it."
"But Dr Puma seems to know everything about every one of the CS components like cis,ice,sep, and thanks to him I no longer feel like I'm drowning every moment of preparing for CS. Thanks so much!"
                                                                           - A 4th year med student from Egypt

1. HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ME? saw your post on the Forum.


3. WHAT PART OF COACHING YOU FEEL NEEDS MORE ATTENTION? i think you should give students unexpected cases  to do after 10 or 11 classes...i mean you should'nt tell them the system too beforehand(of the case which you are going to give),so that we'll be prepared to take any type of case.

4. WHAT WAS THE BEST PART OF THE COACHING? i like every aspect of it..but the thing which helped me the best was the Format you taught and all the Tips you gave about the exam.u even told me in one class that we should take 4 0r 5 paper napkins after washing hands,anything below that would'nt be sufficient...even that Tip helped so much in saving time.As a result of all that,I did not run out of time for any of my cases. :-)


RIGHT? It was just right for me.


8.ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR ME TO FURTHER IMPROVE THIS COURSE?Hmm...i cant think of anything.Its just perfect.


OUT OF 10.

                                                                               .....IMG Dr P,From Hyderabad,India


7.Follwing is a post from one of the leading forums by one of my students:

Dr.Puma's classes are a blessing in Disguise

praveena25 - 06/24/10 14:05


Hi everyone...!I Just took my CS exam yesterday and wanted to share this with u all.As usual..I was very very nervous about my Exam,but it went fine.When I started my preparation...i did not know where to start from and even when I was practicing with few people..I just had no confidence at all.I saw Dr.Puma's post on this forum and spoke to him first...and took his 15 days classes...and believe me...he is an excellent coach.I realized how helpful his classes were only after I gave my exam and came.His classes are not just the usual formal coaching kind...they are very friendly and interactive and he does not even charge much...which is the one of the most important thing students like us look for.I advice everyone...who is nervous about CS or u have just started ur take his classes....they are very helpful.I have seen few people posting negative things about him...plz do not believe them.I am writing this all out of my interest as I feel Dr.Puma really deserves to be acknowledged for what he is doing.Thats all I have to say guys..!All the best to everyone for ur CS exam. :-)

praveena25 - 06/24/10 14:46

if anyone wants to contact skype id is:praveena.usha.jaidev email

                                                                           Dr Praveena Usha Jaidev,USA/India

8.Dr Puma provided me with excellent course material tailored to my needs as a student physician assistant. He facililitated the training in a manner that allowed me to interact, while developing skills and knowledge that can be applied to my role as a medical provider. The week long course was hectic and I feel very confident appearing for my exams. I am extremely thankful to Dr Puma for the wonderful experience.

                                                                                           Priya,PA Student,Texas,USA


9.“This is just to inform you that I am very happy  with your course and the ideas which you have and the tips  you gave me.It was not until I joined your course that I realized why I had failed CS.’’
Keep up the good work.”

                                                                        Dr S.Jose,Puerto.Rico


10.Thanks for the email. I just had the result  today saying I passed my CSE.Many thanks for your course, and I will surely remember to recommend it to everyone!

                                                                                         Many thanks, 

                                                                                    .                          .. Donovan,Australia

11.I can’t  believe it, I finally passed?!?!  It was my 3rd time.Your course was excellent for me. I have already recommended them to people planning on taking the CS in near future.   
Best Wishes,
...                                                                                               Aman',
Pakistan(2002 Grad)



12.“You are excellent. Keep it up. Hope to get more students in future.”

                                                                        -Albertino Fernandez,Dominican Republic


13.“The classes were fantastic - I learnt a huge amount, it payed off in the exams - thank you.”





Dear Dr Puma,

I am thrilled to inform you that I pass this exam.Thanks for all your help and support in this difficult journey. I filled up the feedback form for you. I already sent 2 friends and they have joined your course I believe.I will be recommending your course very highly to all who need help in CS exam.

1. HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ME? Usmleforum and your website. I liked the bad feedbacks on you on the forum and your responses on them was my favourite, the ones that were closed made me wanna take the course more, I am serious. Only good people get a lot of criticism and hatred.



4. WHAT WAS THE BEST PART OF THE COACHING? The logical use of blue sheet idea and the feedback on the cases.  Oh the reassurance you make was so helpful too.

5. WILL YOU RECOMMEND ME TO YOUR PEERS/FRIENDS? No question, of course yes.


7.HOW WAS THE DURATION OF THE COURSE….TOO LONG OR TOO SHORT OR JUST RIGHT? Just right, the point is students should take it and finish it few days before the test

8.ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR ME TO FURTHER IMPROVE THIS COURSE. The examination lesson would be of a great help if presented early in the course, just after the patient examination scripts, may be. 




"Your course was recommended to me by my friend Dr Hiren Patel, who passed with your help as well. He told me that the main attraction will be the quality of cases you do with your students. And I must say your cases are very realistic and your cases are fantastic. Keep it up.    


                                                                                                                          -Dr Chandra, India


"Congratulations on a very good job with your unique CS cases. Very creative and very much reflective of the real exam. And the best part is you still manage to keep the cost quite affordable.”


                                                                                                                               -Dr R.Liu, China


"Thank you for your comprehensive CS course ,and the way you cleared my doubts. I also want to let you know that I passed this time(it was my second attempt).I would not have been able to do half of this without your guidance and help. And I will surely be tellin all my friends about your course.


                                                                                                                               -T .Ungar,Mexico


"Dear Dr Puma,This is to inform you that I got my result and i PASSED WITH STARS TO THE RIGHT OF MY SHEET.I simply could not believe that after failing for 2 times (despite Kaplan),I will be able to pass,let alone with flying colors.I don't know how I can repay you?And here I will like to add that your last minute encouragement gave me lots of self confidence and I simply followed your logical and simple protocol."


                                                                                                                             -Dr Tamariz,Brazil


Dr Puma,you have excellent approach and great medical knowledge and I liked your CS PREP CRASH course(7 days) a great deal,It ensured I was able to get done with CS in a very short span of just 14 days.My friends are amazed when I tell them I passed USMLE Step 2 CS in just 12 days of hard work.


                                                                                                                        -Dr S.Khan,Pakistan.



"Your course and all the contents are extremely useful, it really gave me a general idea about how is the exam and the different situations I should be prepared to deal with"


                                                                                                                             -Dr Abaeze,Nigeria


"I am writing this e mail to you to express my sincere thanks and admiration to you,for all that you did for me. I joined your CS "crash course" as I came to know about your classes very late. I failed my Step 2CS on my first attempt because I didn't know how to approach the CS case,I had no idea how to counsel.With your help and coaching I excelled in my CS this time around. Many cases are very similar to the cases in your classes!!!!!!. Your case discussion after each case and detailed analysis helped me a lot. Your course is  "exactly what Is required" not only to pass this exam but to excel. I think my main reason to fail last time was the fact that I lack clinical experience but with your course it was not a handicap for me this time around.Because of the excellent price and quality you offer, I think every student going for CS exam,must do it.I wish you the best in your work."


                                                                                                 -Dr Jaismol,USA/Carribean Islands


"I am very satisfied with your CS crash course and have recommended it to all my collegues. It was the biggest reason in me passing my cs Exam in my first attempt.My only regret is that you don't have a course for CK.I will love to do your CK course,as I feel you can help me in that too."


                                                                                                                                            -Dr Lisa,NY


"I have to tell you that your cases are so wonderful. I did even c3yn course last year and failed .This year I was thinking of Kaplan,but could not afford it and by God's grace I found your site on Google.I found your approach to helping me in so much detail to be very useful. Excellent."


                                                                                                                                -Dr Ahmed,Egypt

I cleared step 2 Clinical Skills  exam with stars to the extreme right(high Performance in all sections) Credit goes to you and you excellent choice of cases you made me do and the way you pushed me to do 5 Patient Notes each day.I pray to God for you continued success.


                                                                                                                             -Dr Waleed,Jordan.


"I have nothing but admiration for your CS course.There are so many courses but none quite like yours mate.Prices, design, content,you have it all,everything was just perfect for me. I used usmleworld and FA last time around,but that was obviously not enough.Once I joined your course,I saw why I had failed. I am very pleased with services provided."You covered all aspects,but the best was how you taught me to counsel and the way you helped with the use of my rough sheets to ensure a good performance on ICE/data gathering.I was very poor in Patient Notes,I could never manage to fit in all info in the small space in the sheet.But your shortcuts helped me do well in PN too this time around.


                                                                                                                       -Dr Bollinger,Australia


"Dear Dr Puma: I would like to know how you come up with these great cases for usmle step 2 CSE.I think it is due to your immense clinical experience in India .I believe that these did help me a lot to pass step 2 CS.Tnanks!"


                                                                                                                                    - R.Wang,China


Dear Dr Puma,I passsssed!!!!I am so happy.Thank God and Thank you .I owe it to you.Reading books is one thing and taking your course is something totally different.It was the best decision I took in last 1 year.I recommend your course to anyone who wants to pass with peace of mind.I felt so good on the day of exam,I was sure I will pass.Thanks once more.


                                                                                                                          -Dr Ajantha,Sri Lanka


"Dear Dr Puma,Your course is the best weapon to pass CSA. I have no doubts about it. I took this dangerous exam  2 times earlier. I passed on the 3rd attempt after learning the techniques  from you. Initially I  thought that FA+UW was enough.But now I know that UW and FA don't talk back to you.They don;t assess you the way you did coach.Salute to you for that.I am very impressed by your skills in teaching."


                                                                                                                        -Dr T.Jose,Puerto Rico


Excellent service and very accurate. I just happened to be browsing the web when I found this program of yours on google, thank-you!!!!I have a 4 month old son, so I could not have asked for a more convenient course from the comfort of my house. I am sure I would not have passed without you.


                                                                                                                                         -Dr R,Russia

"Dr Puma taught me the key to unscrambling my scattered mind to get a blueprint to rely on for my CS exam. I received strategically helpful concepts which help me to clarify points more distinctly.He helped me hugely in P.notes


                                                                                                                            -Dr Daniel,USA/FMG


I am writing this note to let all fellow students taking CSA who need help know that I had failed once in CS due to my Poor English as I am not native speaker,even though I am in USA for last 7 years.I contacted Dr Puma for help in SEP(Spoken English),and I found his tips to be invaluable for me in passing.I did 2 courses with him.He is such a good teacher not only for ENGLISH but also Physical examination and patient note.And I am so happy to pass.Thanks to Dr Puma.


                                                                                                                                -Dr M.L.Img,China


Dear Coach,

Sorry it took so long to email you. My family was here and I had to take them out. I think I did great in the test. My biggest problem last time was that when I came out of the room and I start the patient note I was missing a lot of information. This time when I made my patient notes I didn’t have anything I thought I was missing. Also, I use all the time I had, I did counseling, and my patient notes looked very rich in information.  I saw how SP mood changed during the interview just for following your indications.

I still have to wait for the score, I hope it reflect how good I felt during the test. I’ll let you know.Thank you very much for everything, I hope I’ll see you in the future. Good luck



                                                                                                                                Dr J.B.,Columbia