Currently I offer the following COURSES for

USMLE Step 2 CS:

(Please Do not make any payments without first checking the slot avialability with me,feel free to call me on skype.I have only one skype id,My Skype id is : dr_puma_cs_coach)

1.7 DAYS CS primer package:-1 hour/day.

   Fee=US $649.00 per student(Recommended for

new    students who want to get direction for a 

better preparation .)

2. 4 DAY SPEED REVIEW OF CS:-3 hours/day.

   Fee=US $ 895.00(Recommended for students

   who have their exam in less than 10 days,and

   are looking for some last minute guidance for

   dramatic increase in confidence.)

3.Two Mock Cases,(with detailed analysis on

cases + patient notes + feedback+tips):- 2.0

 hours (1 Session).Fee=US $ 165.00

(Recommended for people who have strong

preparation+excellent spoken English, but still

want to get a feel of the real exam.)

4.Four Mock Cases,(with detailed analysis on the

4 cases + patient note + feedback+tips):- 4.0

hours(1 Session).Fee=US $320.00

(Recommended for people who have strong

preparation+excellent spoken English, but still

want to get a feel of the real exam.)

5.18 DAYS Extensive Review CS package:-1

   hour/day.Fee=US $995.00(Recommended for

   most older graduates/students who have been

   away from clinical medicine for a very long

   time,covers a huge variety of protocols/cases)

   (Most popular)

6).18 DAYS Master Review CS package:-2

hours/day.Fee=US $1895.00(Recommended for

older graduates/students who have been away

from clinical medicine for a very longtime or

students with an attempt on the CS exam.

Most comprehensive course!

This course has more than 60 practice cases )

7). 9 DAYS Rapid Success CS package:-2

hour/day.Fee=US $995.00 .

(Recommended for new students .This course

is fast ,yet comprehensive with tons of case