Ø    The most effective course for CS, my course gives you the most ''BANG FOR THE   BUCK/MONEY’’ (Most cost effective course ).These  sessions will be the best  investment you made for USMLE.And I  don't charge a fortune.

Ø    My course covers all 3 aspects of CS:-


Ø    I have been an instructor, coach and mentor for step 2CS exam to many IMG's over last 16 months. For Simply World Class and Fast Paced USMLE STEP 2 CLINICAL SKILLS COACHING ON SKYPE, CONTACT ME AT :-



Be sure to mention your exam date and time zone. 

CS Coaching via skype:

I passed my Step 2 CS exam in my second attempt. I know how traumatic this can be .I now coach all who need help to pass this exam. I don't promise miracles. But I will ensure you get the gest of this exam in a very short time,I will guide and nudge you and work on your specific issues/weakness be it English, be it data gathering or anything I feel is going to help you pass with confidence.  I have helped hundreds of students ace this exam. Usually by the 7th/8th class my students are overflowing with confidence.

Some Features of my classes: 

-Personalized attention to each student’s weakness, I don’t have a static course, my course is dynamic, and it changes according to the needs of my students.

-Help with English language (SEP) as needed for CS .I take great pride  

  in being able to help so many students with weakness in this area. I

  have a special method of teaching this, which I owe to my great  

  interest in Linguistics.

-Answer to any nagging doubts a student may have

-Tips on difficult patient/cases

-How to get a near perfect  score on data gathering

-How to master the Patient note(I will teach you a great format and how to type more in less time)

-How to use the blue sheet and make it a ‘golden’ tool

-How to ace a case that you have not even heard of or practiced

-Mental aspects of the exam

-One session is devoted to a LIVE VIDEO SESSION to assess and master

the patient examination skills

-Last 2 classes are Mock Exams(surprise cases)

Some observations on USMLE STEP 2CS exam

Most people pass with 14-21 days of practice. But the key is to follow the right format and do cases with right people. This is especially true for young grads....3rd/4th yr students.

For “older grads who have clinical experience back home...this exam is a ''step down'' guys got to think and act like medical students at level of 3/4th year students. Don’t underestimate this.

Also the shyness factor. Unless you find a way to get rid of the feeling of shyness and awkwardness, it will be a bit challenging.

Initially after my fail CS result....I cried and was in shock for 2 days. Then I checked out the ''big guns courses''---ka****, CY* etc......and honestly they were beyond my reach. I managed to find a mentor/coach on a forum. I want to do the same for few who are finding it harder than others or want quality inputs or are taking the exam again after failing.

My story in brief:

My Credentials:

94/99/cs-2nd/91. (ECFMG Certified) You can see and read numerous posts by me at over last few years. Here are the links to all my steps experience:



Step 2cs:

Step 3:

I had done step1 and 2ck prior to 2cs.I had good scores [94/99] and lot of clinical experience in ER and Internal Medicine. Now the ‘’twist’’ came into play, I foolishly gave the exam with 6-7 days of preparation and had done cases with people I met on the forums. I totally misjudged this exam and underestimated it. 
Lot of people who had worked under me in my hospital passed with 2 weeks prep and this gave me the illusion that it will be a cakewalk. It was anything but that the first time around.

After failing in my first attempt I was in a state of shock, but I managed to get out of the shock and prepared for almost 2 months....not because I was scared, but because I could not get an earlier date. In the process I joined a paid coaching session on skype and I benefited a lot from that. During these 2 months I did so many cases and read all available info/books on was almost like doing a thesis/Phd on CS.I had 14 partners all passed...most were giving the exam for the 2nd time. Many were from 
China, India, Peru,Myanmar,Japan, Nigeria and Iran 
and I am glad that I was able to help them with the language skills needed for this exam. And they helped me as well.

Why I failed:

I failed due to overconfidence and lack of proper practice with the right people(someone who has passed the exam).I now want that no IMG shall needlessly suffer due to these 2 reasons. I have excellent English language skills and I failed the ICE -part....that is though my questioning skills were good, my data gathering and patient note were below par. This happened because all the time I was wound up with ''mnemonics''....which work for some but did not do the trick for me. I was also having a hard time thinking of the next Q to ask the SP and so did not register all they told me. Now in retrospect I feel that failing was the logical conclusion of my haphazard preparation. I say this not to scare u but to give u another viewpoint.

After failing my CS I did an observership in a Internal Medicine private practice+ a big Univ.Pgm(Including Harvard) and that also taught me the 
US way of doctor-patient interaction. Though I maintain it is not at all necessary to do observership to pass...but it surely helps. I will be able to use all my experience to help you pass with confidence. CS is a confidence thing.


My aim for doing these coaching sessions:

To be able to help many IMG as possible to clear CS, which I believe is an exam with a twist. I say T-W-I-S-T because it is so easy to pass if you prepare with the right people and it is so easy to fail also if you don't know the right approach.

The KEY is to practice with people who have passed....but those who have passed often don't have the time or motivation to help those following in their footsteps....and they are not to blame as they have to take all the other USMLE steps and do well in them. As for me I have done all steps and am waiting to apply for the next match.

How this works:

I do sessions on skype, which starts with a lecture for few hours, then one of the candidate acts as doctor and I act as the patient, I give my inputs so that everyone in the group can listen and benefit.  I analyze the weakness and strengths and give tips accordingly. At the end of each session there is a Q session where u can ask your doubts.


Few Reasons:-

1. I have been through it all; I know what it takes to fail and what it takes to pass this exam. I have been on both sides of the river, so to say.

2. I have a systematic way of imparting knowledge about this exam. I have tons of tips and strategies to pass this exam. I tailor my advice according to the need of each student. I have small batches, ranging from 1-4, depending on the students needs.

3. I have experience in US Hospitals (Top Univ.Pgms), including HARVARD, Boston, MA

4. I have successfully coached  100's of  students (and still counting...)

5. I love teaching. I am very good at my craft. None of my student has failed.

6. I have coached all kinds of students, ranging from: Africa to China to Indian Subcontinent to Latin America.

7. I have worked on people with multiple attempts (2) and low morale and confidence and yet they have aced the exam after my coaching and pep talks.

8. I am probably the only coach who checks the rough sheet (blue sheet) you use and gives feedback on how to optimize its use.

9. I will work with you to ensure you master the patient notes.

10. All I can say is do a case with me and see if u will benefit or not.

Note:-I have been getting many emails of students (who have failed) sending me their CS report sheet to ask tips. I will request you to send both pages of the PDF in order to better comment on what I think needs to be done. 

Good Luck to all.

How hard is 2CS ? 

CS is ''super easy for all who pass and difficult for those who fail ".Let me explain. 

Compared to STEP 1 and STEP 2 CK exams, STEP 2 CS doesn’t sound so hard. I mean, all it is is acting like your a doctor right? Ironically, the STEP 2 CS is an easy exam to fail. In fact nearly 33% of US candidates fail the USMLE on their first try. Let’s take a look at the pass rates for 2008 as provided by 

87.5% of US and Canadian students passed the STEP 1 on their first try compared to only 75% of IMG students. 
91.5 % of US and Canadian students pass the STEP 2 CK on their first try compared to only 81% of IMG students. 
92% of US and Canadian Students pass the STEP 2 CS on their first try compared to only 72% of IMG students. 

Numbers can't lie, STEP 2 CS is as hard as STEP 2 CK, 'especially for IMG' Students, and there is no way to know how many took a workshop. Looking at the numbers, it would seem that IMG students have a harder time with STEP 2 CS than US Students! 

Why so many IMG are’S failing the STEP 2 CS? 

There are many specific things you must do to pass the STEP 2 CS. For e.g.: 
You must act like you are performing a real exam, not just say the right words. 
You must show empathy.

Stay calm and remember what to do, many candidates get nervous and forget important aspects. Due to gaps in knowledge about the format of this exam, what ECFMG Expects, and lack of practice the IMG's often have a hard time thinking of the next step during the exam..............this often leads to the student not fully registering the RESPONSES OF THE SP---->Result is that the data gathering and patient note suffers and is sub-standard. This explains the recent rise in number of IMG who pass in questioning skills and still fail in the data gathering and PN (.....myself being one such IMG during my first attempt.)

I say this because I believe knowing is the first step in winning the CS battle. I have devised a simple plan/steps to assist you to stay calm in this exam. I am not a rocket scientist.....and I am sure many people who pass this exam have their own methods/secrets.....but unfortunately they are not here to share it with other IMG's due to the obvious reason that they r fighting with the next USMLE step,etc.*****

Also most US med schools have 2CS workshops for their students by people who are familiar with 2CS and /or have passed this test recently.IMG's don't get this advantage. This I feel is a crucial factor. In fact I taught in one such workshop in a University Program. I always have loved teaching and I never let any opportunity to teach pass by.

I am trying in my own humble way to provide Guidance for any IMG who feels he/she need coaching that is not super expensive like Kap***,c3n* etc.

I am starting   new batches each week. It will be via SKYPE. My id is: dr_puma_cs_coach 



And I want to use this site to say to all who have failed: No need to give up, you are surely not alone, and CS failure is not that rare among IMG's,especially if you don't know what the ECFMG expects and what is the US way of ''doctor -patient'' interaction. If at all there was a time to keep on is now..................because the stakes are very high. You have come so far not to quit but to achieve your goal of residency. I will try my best to help anyone who seeks my help. 

Good Luck!!





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